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We’ve recently started to capture, edit, encode, and upload video to YouTube from our twenty-year archive of over 300 tapes, featuring lectures and interviews from our conferences and various other events. Currently posted are presentations by Myron Stolaroff, Mark Pesce, Erik Davis, Bret Blosser, Bruce Damer, Alicia Danforth, Jennifer Dumpert, Fire & Earth Erowid, Daniel Siebert, and a short compilation on the topic of children and psychedelics featuring Jean Millay, Ann & Sasha Shulgin, and Robert Venosa, along with Allyson, Alex, and Zena Grey. See:

分享两个科学上网SS和SSR免费公益网站 – 明凯博客:2021-2-4 · 分享两个科学上网SS和SSR免费公益网站 2021年2月15日 MK Mac 11 阅读 21085次 作为程序员,有时候查找资料需要科学上网,有的同学会自搭ssr服务器作为梯子,但是维护成本,风险成本在那里,让很多同学望而却步,明凯很多年前就搭过,后来 ...

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A Compendium of Unauthorized Research

Details over forty years of civil disobedience. Legal questions, synthesis procedures, source plants and their cultivation, kitchen extraction processes, pyrolization tech, bioassay reports, debate over discarnate entities, and coverage of DMT's impact on art, music, film, and pop culture, are all elucidated within its many pages.

shadowsocks+v2ray配置笔记 – Funny JS:2021-2-21 · 2021年2月21日 shadowsocks+v2ray配置笔记 前提:随着墙的增高,单纯的shadowsocks简单加密也越来越容易被检测和封锁,因此需要更强力的加密与混淆手段,避免流量被检测出来。

A bounty of well-known authors share their knowledge and speculations, alongside newcomers and pseudonymous contributors. With a foreword by former illicit DMT chemist Nick Sand, DMT Underground also手机怎么搭梯子到外网

David Arnson

Brother Mel A. Tonin
Johnny Appleseed
Erik Davis
Jim DeKorne
Earth Erowid
Fire Erowid
Gracie and Zarkov
Jon Hanna
Charles Hayes
Al Hubbard
James Kent
David Luke
Terence McKenna
Peter Meyer
Marcela Zelaya Nájera
Jonathan Ott
Julian Palmer
Dale Pendell
Jonathan Taylor
Sister Sara Tonin
Alexander Shulgin
The Teafaerie
Keeper Trout
D.M. Turner

and many others, including numerous psychedelic artists inspired by DMT.

Indispensable and engaging, comprehensive yet comprehendable, DMT Underground is the fact-filled reference that everyone interested in underground experimentation with this enigmatic entheogen will enjoy long after the end of the world has come and gone!


Check out a free preview chapter from the book, "Aliens, Insectoids, and Elves! Oh, My!".

cover art by Naoto Hattori

Jon Hanna

is an editor and writer.

He is author of

Psychedelic Resource List,
and producer of the

Mind States conferences series.

Some of Hanna's writings
can be found online at










for third ayes in all dimensions…

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